Hi! My name is Amanda Klassen. I'm an Industrial Designer who navigates between physical and digital experiences.

I use tumblr for process, travel and design snippets - also things that don't make it to my portfolio like Graphic Design. Check out my projects here: Portfolio

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New study period at HfG, collaborating with Telekom

This semester I’m given the opportunity to collaborate with the corporation Telekom. Our topic is “Smart Homes”. 

Below is my first exploration of service design here in Schwäbisch Gmünd. I met a tailor and inquired about the procedure of having one of my designs sewn by her. One of the issues I embarked on was the fixed price.

Reflecting on the experience, I quickly brainstormed a possible solution for both the business and the customers: First, evaluate the type of applications in a design. For example, a hood is rated 2 because it is more complex than adding buttons. Add all applications together and use this number. In my case it was 3. Then add materials used (does trim need to be added?, etc.). The chart can then be used as a timetable, 3 x 2 = 5, then add a 0.

50,00 €. As you can see, the price will naturally increase as the difficulty of the project increases. This could be used for time management for the business and branch out to new customers who want to create more affordable, minimal projects.